Standard Wood Types


Birch Wood's soft pale hue and subtle grain offers a clean, contemporary look that is both cost-effective and sturdy.


Maple Wood showcases a warm, creamy hue with a fine, smooth grain, radiating natural beauty and ideal for intricate engraving.

Walnut Maple

Experience the Harmony of Contrasts: Maple and Walnut blend seamlessly, offering a striking balance of light and dark tones.


Mahogany Wood, renowned for its deep, reddish-brown tones and lustrous finish, lends itself beautifully to engraving, resulting in dark, crisp details that elevate your design.


Cedar Wood, known for its distinct reddish-brown hue and unique knots and grain, evokes a sense of rustic charm and natural beauty.


Walnut Wood, renowned for its rich, chocolate-brown color and striking grain patterns, offers a luxurious appearance that exudes sophistication and timeless elegance.


Black & White Birch

Black & White MDF

Custom Colors

Golden Oak Stain

Mahogany Stain

Carrington Stain

Accents & Features

Acrylic Accents

Metallic Accents

Print on Wood

Box Inserts and Overlays


Crafted from sustainable materials, it offers similar performance to traditional foam while minimizing environmental impact.

PU Foam

Offers exceptional support, durability, and precise product fitting. Pairs well with velvet flocking.

PU FOAM WITH Velvet Flocking

Flocked foam helps to elevate your presentation and provides a luxury experience

Paper Overlay

Wood Overlay

Wood Inserts

Wood dividers provide a tailored solution, ensuring each item remains securely in place while adding a decorative element.

Packing Paper

Lightweight, textured paper adds a decorative touch and helps protect delicate items.


A natural and biodegradable packaging material that offers excellent cushioning and protection.


A cost effective and versatile solution for organizing and securing items within your packaging.

Inquire about custom wood types, finishes, and features not listed above.